Bees & Wasps

Carpenter Bee

Size: ¾” to 1”
Color:  Dark yellow and black
How to recognize:  Resemble honey bees, but much larger
Habitat:  Nest in wood, preferably weathered and unpainted, and can often be found hovering around the eaves of houses, or wood fences.
Behavior:  Bore round holes into wood to nest, but do not cause serious structural damage unless a large number of them nest in a particular area for a long period of time.  Males can be aggressive, but are incapable of stinging.

Honey Bee

Size:  ½”
Color:  Yellow and dark brown
How to recognize:  These hairy bees can be found hovering near flowering plants, foraging for the pollen and nectar to produce honey.
Habitat:  Usually nest inside tree cavities, but can also be found beneath rock formations.
Behavior:  Are not typically aggressive, but will attack anything that threatens the colony.  Their sting can be painful and cause serious reaction in allergic individuals.

Paper Wasps

Size:  ½” to 1”
Color: Reddish brown to dark red to orange
How to recognize:  Recognizable by their color, and the paper-like, many chambered nests that they build.
Habitat:  Nests are usually attached to the underside of a support (i.e. an eave, window, etc.) and hang down.
Behavior:  Predators who feed on insects, spiders and caterpillars.  They are protective of their nests and will defend against invaders with a painful sting.

Yellow Jackets

Size: 12” to 5/8”
Color: Yellow and black
How to recognize:  Often confused with honeybees because of their coloring, but have a thin waist.
Habitat:  Nest in tree stumps, fallen logs, or on the ground.
Behavior:  Prey on a variety of insects, but also forage for foods people eat, especially sweets and meat.  They are very social insects that will aggressively defend their nests.  Their stings can be quite painful, and can cause serious reactions in those who are allergic. to feed the other members on a regular basis.  The reproductives swarm at least once per year.

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