Termite Control

A termite infestation in Dallas can cause great harm and structural damage to your home or property. That's because termites quietly chew through the wood (floors, studs behind the sheetrock, etc), in your home as they look for their main source of food…cellulose. It is for this reason termites can be particularly damaging/costly because they largely go undetected for months.

Types Of Termites

Subterranean termites typically prefer to gnaw on the softest part of the wood located between the grains. This differs from dry wood termites which tend to chew across the grain itself. Additionally, subterranean termites nest in the ground, as opposed to dry wood termites which nest within the wood they infest.

How To Know If You Have Termites?

You can tell if you have subterranean termites when you see vertical "mud tubes" emanating from the foundation of your home. Subterranean termites use these mud tubes to enter your home from the ground around it. Dark brown in color, these mud tubes are made from a combination of soil, saliva, wood, and fecal matter. Subterranean termites use their mud tubes as a means of protection and moisture retention as they move about above ground to forage food.

Termite Services

Your home should be pest-free, and our TX Termite Control services are designed to provide you with relief from subterranean termites. Pest Management of Texas, Inc. rids your home or place of business from termites. 

Why Choose Us?

If you live in Dallas, TX, or a neighboring town, we want you to feel confident when you choose Pest Management of Texas, Inc. as your termite control provider for your home or place of business.

Here Are Some Reasons You Might Want To Choose Us!

  • We provide the best in training and certification of all our technicians.
  • The people working in and around your home will know all they need to know about your termite problem!
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  • We make it our business to get there fast and provide timely services to take care of your termite problem promptly.
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  • We offer Termite Control and Termite Pretreatment.

Our techs want your pest control experience to be painless and easy. Count on the team at Pest Management of Texas, Inc. to make pest control a simple process for you and your family. We take into account your family and pets as well as your property when we are working on your termite problems!

So contact the team at Pest Management of Texas, Inc. today. We will do a very detailed inspection of your home or place of business, and find a solution tailored to your very specific needs. You won't find a more qualified pest control team in our service area. Call or us today! (972) 495-2847.

Termites Found In Dallas, TX


Size: 1/8 ” to 3/8” (workers); 1/2" (swarmers)
Color: cream (workers); dark brown to black (swarmers)
How to Recognize: Are most visible during the swarming season when the swarmers (reproductive) emerge from the colony in a dark cloud to begin the reproductives process. These swarms are often confused with flying ants. Their presence in a structure can go undetected until damage appears unless a colony is discovered during a professional examination.
Habitat: Although subterranean termites live in colonies in the soil, they feed on wood, or other cellulose material such as paper, cardboard, and fiberboard, and cause millions of dollars of damage every year in the U.S.
Behavior: Workers are blind and enter homes through cracks as small as 1/64". They return to the colony.

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