Other Bugs

Other Bugs We Remove In Dallas

Here is a list of other bugs and pests that we can help remove. If you are looking for an affordable exterminator in Dallas, then give our team a call today!


Size: 3/8” to 1”
Color: Brown to black
How to Recognize: Most easily recognized by its forceps-like tail appendage.
Habitat: Feed mostly on green plants and other vegetation. They do little damage indoors.
Behavior: It is one of the few insects that take care of its young. The pinch of their forceps is neither painful nor poisonous.


Size: 1” to 3”
Color: Yellowish to green, with colorful hind wings with blue, red, orange, or yellow bands on them
How to Recognize: Can be seen in meadows, fields, or along roadsides in the warmer months. Recognizable by their “song”, produced when their legs are rubbed together, or the snapping noise of their wings produced in flight.
Habitat: Outdoors, in meadows and fields.
Behavior: They are principally a plant pest, rarely enter structures, but can be extremely destructive to crops when found in large numbers.

House Centipede

Size: 1” to 2”
Color: Usually brown, to orangish brown
How to Recognize: Less worm-like in appearance than the millipede, their bodies have many segments, with only one pair of legs per segment. House centipedes have extremely long legs.
Habitat: Usually found anywhere in the house where dampness occurs.
Behavior: Nocturnal, and when disturbed move very swiftly towards a darkened hiding place.


Size: 1” to 1 ½”
Color: Brownish
How to Recognize: Worm-like in appearance, they have multiple segments, with two pairs of legs per segment.
Habitat: They usually live outside, in moist vegetation, leaf litter, mulch, and feed on decaying wood and plants.
Behavior: They Will only find their way indoors when conditions are right. When disturbed, they curl up like a watch spring.

Pill Bug

Size: ¼” to 3/8”
Color: black
How to Recognize: Roll into a ball, or “pill”, when disturbed.
Habitat: Lawn turf, under leaves, and moist areas of decaying vegetation.
Behavior: Weather extremes may drive them indoors, but they do no damage.


Size: 1” to 7”
Color: Yellowish tan to dark brown
How to Recognize: Recognizable by the large claws in front and the long, narrow tail tipped by a stinger.
Habitat: Under debris, or woodpiles on the soil, within the clutter in storage areas. Damper areas may also be an attraction to many of them.
Behavior: Nocturnal predators that feed on other animals, using their stinger to subdue their prey. To humans, their sting can be painful, but their venom poses few health concerns.

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