American (a.k.a. Water bug)

Size:  1 ½” to 2”
Color:  Dark reddish brown
How to recognize: Largest of the roach species—also referred to as Palmetto Bugs
Habitat:  Homes, hospitals and warehouses are usual habitats
Behavior: Good fliers, they will contaminate food, carry disease, damage book bindings, fabrics and wallpaper

Brown Banded Cockroach

Size: ½” to 5/8”
Color:  Dark and light brown banding across its back
How to recognize:  Same size as german cockroach, but doesn’t depend as much on moisture in its habitat
Habitat:  Prefers areas over 80 degrees, often found high on walls, in picture frames, behind molding, near appliance motors, in light switches, closets and furniture
Behavior:  Doesn’t multiply as fast as the German, but is often harder to control because they scatter all over a structure.


Size:  ½” to 5/8”
Color:  Light brown, with two dark brown vertical stripes behind the head.
How to recognize:  Found all over the world, living wherever man lives, sharing the same foods and habitats.
Habitat: Live closely packed in small cracks and crevices near food and water.  Commonly found in restaurants, kitchens and stores where food, moisture and shelter are abundant.  Rarely seen outdoors.
Behavior:  Populations increase rapidly, and they usually hide during the day.  They contaminate food, leave stains, create foul odors and carry disease organisms.


Size:  Often reach 1” in length
Color:  Dark brown to black
How to recognize:  Not as large as the American cockroach, the females are somewhat oval in shape. Neither sex can fly, even though they have wings.
Habitat: Inhabit damp locations such as crawl spaces under structures, or underground water and sewage systems.  Often enter structures by walking in or entering through drains of various kinds.
Behavior: Their travel through such unsanitary habitats increases their potential as disease vectors. It may be common in outdoor environments and enter a structure on its own, by crawling under doors or through other exterior openings.

Smokey Brown

Size: 1” to 1 ¼”
Color: Uniform in color– brownish black and very shiny
How to recognize:  Good flyers and are attracted to lights at night.
Habitat:  Warm, dark, moist areas such as tree holes, ivies, mulch, woodpiles and the eaves of attics, especially where there are moisture problems.
Behavior:  This species is very mobile and hard to control because they are so active and have many habitat preferences.

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